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Discover How to Set Peaceful Limits, 
Teach Values and Model Positive Behaviour 
to Your Children Through the

Magic of Storytelling

As parents, we all want to teach our children to be the very best humans they can be.

Their growing minds are taking in everything around them so quickly, helping them decide where they belong, and how things work in the world. 

But what they see and hear isn’t always what we want them to know. 

That’s why it’s so important to know how to engage with our children, to teach them how to navigate our complex and changing world.

We want them to be children, learning, playing and exploring the world around them.

In the past, dominance and control were the go-to tools for parents… behaviour, values and morals were commanded. 

We live in a different world now.

We must discover a new way to communicate and connect with our children.

We want them to be developing all the emotional skills and positive values they need to grow into the wonderful humans we know they’re capable of being.

That’s why, as parents, we need tools to impart the lessons we want them to learn, in a way that doesn’t feel forceful or disconnected from the stage they’re at in life.

Otherwise they can’t absorb the importance of what we’re sharing on a deep foundational level, where they can integrate it easily into their understanding of the world.

As parents, we want to be sure that the messages and lessons we need our kids to hear most, are getting through to them in a way that really makes sense to them.

We want to be sure that they’re learning about the fundamental values and positive ways of being that will serve them and the world around them for the highest good.

And it’s equally critical that learning these important life lessons is fun and enjoyable!

Our children’s emotions matter, and they can be overwhelming for all of us at times.

Having a shared point of reference and language, creates the connection and understanding we need to work through things without intensity, stress, and unnecessary frustration.

This is where storytelling comes in.

The stories we tell become the life that we live.

Stories, in some form or other, are the way your children will learn nearly everything about the world around them. From the stories they are told, to the stories that unfold before their very eyes in real time, storytelling is the foundation of our learning.

Children connect deeply with stories. 

So when you know how to use storytelling in an intentional way, you have the ability to be able to reach your children and impart positive values on them in a way that actually works. 

The authoritarian role in parenting is a thing of the past. 

As we evolve, so do our relationships with our children.

We need a new way to give our children what they need from us.

That’s the true gift that storytelling offers.

Stories are the way to set your children up for true success in the new world that’s unfolding before us.

Welcome to

The Story Solution!

Stories hold the key to our most profound psychological levels, allowing us to impart positive values to them, and to understand our children's inner thoughts and feelings. Stories also allow our children to explore complex emotions in a safe and playful way.

When we allow our children to experience difficult emotions like anger and sadness through stories, in the end, we also equip them with resolution. 

Our children are moving into a future none of us can imagine. We need the tools to make sure they have everything they need to be loving, positive, capable people who can navigate anything that comes their way.

Story solutions offer an opportunity to exchange parenting confusion, fatigue and guilt for more family connection and magic.

Here is what our storytelling programme offers:

  • Four months of online guidance and education in the art of storytelling for parents with children aged 5 – 10 years.
  • ​A coaching module every two weeks.  
  • ​Interactive handouts, audio and video elements with every module.
  • A personal library of 21 stories (including text and audio) after Module 6.
  • A monthly Q and A to address any questions that you may have.

We will work on three feelings:


The opposite of belonging is isolation.


The opposite of love is shame.


The opposite of courage is fear.

In this programme, we teach you our unique storytelling method to change negativity into curiosity, isolation into belonging, shame into love and fear into courage.


  • Module 1: Less Parenting Guilt, More Family Magic
  • Module 2: Clearing Space for Stories 
  • Module 3: Story Drawer 1
    (The Lion and the Mouse)
  • Module 4: Dealing with Difficult Emotions through Stories
  • Module 5: Story Drawer 2
    (The Bravest Bird) 
  • Module 6: Parenting Playfully through Stories
  • Module 7: Story Drawer 3 (Gluscabi and the Magic Bag)
  • ​Module 8: Story Drawer 4
    (The Selfish Giant)

You’ll discover an approach to parenting that is as old as time and yet can be activated in an entirely new and modern way.

Better Communication

Improved Behaviour

Less Conflict

You’ll have a tool-box of go-to strategies to guide and mentor your children to be their best selves and understand who they want to be in the world. 


Our founder, Giuliana Fenech holds monthly Q&A sessions for our customers so that you can get your questions answered and have your unique circumstances addressed!

Learn this magical tool to guide and mentor your children!

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Lignin Stories is a storytelling platform for parents and teachers of 5 - 10 year old children.

Through our live and online programmes, events, and resources we support parents and teachers to transform guilt and fatigue into deep communication and connection.

Lignin (yes, it's a strange word I know) is actually a polymer found in trees. It transfers to paper and when paper is handled the polymer breaks. At this point, it releases a vanilla-like smell, which is why old bookshops smell so delicious!

I chose the name because lignin's properties are magical, just like the work I feel called to do here.
It also resonated because it fits one of my life mantras - that beauty and hope push through everything, especially brokenness. The polymer has to break for the comforting fragrance to exist. When we embrace this mantra we release ourselves from the oppression of the past, from the victim narrative, from stories that no longer serve us, from brokenness. This release allows us to embrace wisdom, beauty and hope and in return we gift these qualities to our children. This has a huge impact on their lives. When parents and teachers dig deep and fly high, we open the world up into a playground of possibility.

This has certainly been my experience and one day soon I will tell you more about how storytelling healed me and is now healing the families and schools that work for us. But, meanwhile, I want to share some of the wisdom, beauty and hope that Lignin Stories has shared with our global community since its inception, in 2017. 

Over the past three years, my team of storytellers and I have told stories to over ten thousand 5 to 10 year old children. They have listened to us, wide-eyed and emboldened whilst we listened to them empowered and inspired by their experience of the world.

Lignin Stories has also hosted over 100 workshops, in-person and online, for parents and teachers of 5 to 10 year old children. I have witnessed so many aha moments as parents realise that our storytelling method makes communication and connection with children so much easier and lighter. I have been moved to see these families receive hope for a peaceful home life, sprinkled with story magic. Our commitment to beauty has birthed unique handmade and sustainable books and resources for our clients. Our budding range includes original books of fairy tales, written by women from all over Europe, as well as a story ritual kit which both adults and children return to each week. And, there are other dreams in the pipeline.

We wish to gift every child a story library that will resource them for life, a chest full of wisdom and courage that they can always turn to in moments of need. We wish to bring our support to all parents everywhere because parents are the most important service providers in our global society and yet they are the least supported.
We wish to launch a community programme that will allow us to work with children who do not have direct access to our events, parents who really need support but for whom the idea of a course is scary, families transitioning through trauma.

Every day we pray and move our feet. Every day we have faith and take action. Every day we choose wisdom, beauty and hope and we pay it forward, from our hearts to yours, one magical story at a time.

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